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Update on Tools to Change the World

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Report by Francisco Dinis and Dada Mahaprajinananda

In the past year, and more recently, Tools to Change the World, the study/action circle guide based on Prout, co-authored by Dada Maheshvarananda and Mirra Price, has steadily gained more attention and extended global reach.

There are people studying and using the books in Albania, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Finland, Holland, Hungary, India, Italy, Maharlika, Malta, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, UK, USA and Venezuela.  Several on line study/training groups are underway and this approach will surely increase. Translations are proceeding in Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. In both Malta and Portugal funding applications to share the program with youth have been approved.

In Portugal the program has been done in Lisboa, Covilha, Fundao and Porto. Each of these groups included people who had previously known very little, if anything about Prout. All participants were challenged to address various social issues with Proutistic solutions.  

Many of the groups finished up with an evening together for dinner and socializing, and participants of all the four groups have interacted on line for further networking.  They have formed work groups and are planning coordinated activities such as an ‘Artivism’ festival in Porto, webinars to share Prout’s vision and proposed solutions, and the development of social media content on Prout related topics and issues in Portugal.

Tools to Change the World is proving to be an invaluable method to increase the number of Proutists and establish active local units.  To further develop this important work a new multilingual website, dedicated to support facilitators of and participants in the program, will soon be launched.

Download a digital copy

Hard copies are also available for purchase and will soon be available to buy on this site.

Until then, you can order directly from: publications@prout-global.org

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