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An Economy for the 21st Century

We are hungry for a new vision.
intended to bring prosperity to all-is steadily driving us towards economic and ecosystem collapse.

We want an economy that serves humanity and our planet, not just a handful of shareholders.

Together we can make a profound change to the way things work. We are building a network of change-makers with effective tools and a cohesive vision for the thriving world that we all long for.

Our Vision


Proutista Universal

Is Self-Interest Enough?

By Howard Nemon Capitalism boasts of its ability to motivate people to produce more wealth which, in turn, benefits everyone. While the latter part of

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Proutista Universal

Technology or Digital Fiefdom?

By Shriraksha Mohan Economic systems have constantly evolved, and have been influenced by human needs, socio-cultural norms, historical events, and technological innovations of their time.

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“Alternative visions are crucial at this moment in history.
Prout's co-operative model of economic democracy, based on cardinal human values and sharing of the planet for the welfare of everyone, deserves our serious consideration.”