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Humans have an amazing capacity to find solutions to their most challenging problems.
So, why are we content to endure an economy that is incapable of meeting even the most basic needs for half of humanity? Why aren’t we adopting a system that supports our environment and helps all living beings thrive?
We can do better.

We need a socio-economic system that can:

-guarantee basic necessities through well-paying jobs for everyone
-motivate people through incentives to use their potential for the advancement of all
-give communities the power to determine their own economic destinies
-utilize our resources to enrich the lives of all living beings

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Vibrant Ecosystem

We are capable of not only sustaining the natural world but supporting it to truly thrive by living as stewards of this beautiful planet.

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One Human Society

It is time to bring humanity together around universal values and the goal of achieving the welfare of every individual, community, and nation.

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Economy for all

We can build wealth for everyone through a decentralized, cooperative economy and put power and resources into the hands of local people.

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“The constitutional proposals of Prout are the ethical summary of everything that humanity needs to accomplish universal fraternity. The importance of Prout is that its vision of a new world is not just concerned with political, social and economic relationships, but also with education, gender relationships and spirituality.”

Frei Betto

Activist and author of the bestseller Fidel and Religion

“Alternative visions are crucial at this moment in history. Prout’s co-operative model of economic democracy, based on cardinal human values and sharing of the planet for the welfare of everyone, deserves our serious consideration.”

Noam Chomsky

Professor of Linguistics at MIT, Author, Social Critic

“The exceptional importance of the Prout system resides in two fundamental points: its completeness and its viability. The entire system comes from a correct understanding of the human being, personal and collective, and authentic human development…”

Leonardo Boff

Theologian, professor and author of over 100 books

Prout Perspectives

On Cooperatives
Workers’ Cooperatives form the main part of Prout’s three-tier economy model. They put decision-making power and wealth into the hands of local.
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On Trade
Free trade between rich and poor countries can be disastrous for the less developed trade partner.
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On Democracy
While political democracy can and needs to be improved, Prout emphasizes economic democracy as a direct way people can take control of their daily lives.
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On Spirituality
At the heart of the Prout philosophy is the idea of the inherent unity of all life and the spiritual essence at the core of all beings. Humans are physical, mental and spiritual beings.
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On Socialism
Often termed as ‘Progressive Socialism’, Prout differs from traditional Socialism in key ways, including its three-tiered economic structure and its emphasis on the protection of the natural world.
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On Sustainability
Sustainability has been a buzzword for the last few decades, but the present ecological crisis demonstrates that it is impossible to achieve sustainability within the capitalist framework that puts profit before people and planet.
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On Consumption
Prout is a consumption-based economy which is quite distinct from consumer-driven ones. Economies like capitalism view consumption of commodities as the primary driver of profits.
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On Markets
Through its policies of economic democracy, Prout avoids market failures by decentralizing the economy and putting economic development into the hands of local communities and regions.
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On Wealth Disparity
Capitalism allows the majority of wealth to remain in the hands of a small number of powerful individuals and corporations.
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On Taxes
Prout proposes to replace income tax with production tax to create and simpler and fairer system that discourages tax evasion and supports local economy.
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On Local Economy
Prout’s socio-economic system is based on empowered, decentralized economies, which build local wealth and encourage regional self-sufficiency.
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On Employment
All able adults should have access to jobs with decent wages in order to meet their basic needs and support their ongoing development.
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Proutist Universal

Proutist Universal (PU) is a global network of activists and thinkers inspired by the integral vision and approach of the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT).

PU publishes, presents, and networks to share those ideas and engages locally to put PROUT’s guiding principles and values into practice.

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