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Portugal Welcomes Proutist Author

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By R. Green

In January, Roar Bjonnes of the United States, and co-author of the ground-breaking book Growing A New Economy , visited Portugal to present his findings on practical and comprehensive solutions to today’s problems and to strengthen contacts with local community leaders and thinkers. The Prout Research Institute of Portugal (PRIP) organized programs for Mr. Bjonnes in Lisbon and Covilha, the latter being in the region of Beira Interior. The diverse offerings included readings from Mr. Bjonnes’s book, presentations on Prout’s proposed solutions to today’s economic and environmental crises, and breakout discussions groups focused on developing creative models for the future.  These were shared and discussed with the larger audience. 

Mr. Bjonnes had participated in the panel entitled “From Competition to Cooperation: A New Vision of Society” at a leading-edge economic democracy conference, organized last May by PRIP along with the University of Beira Interior (UBI).

Andre Barata, a noted author in Portugal and Professor at UBI, who had also participated with Bjonnes on the panel discussions in May, introduced the book and Bjonnes in both cities during the January tour. Barata’s comprehensive summary and deep appreciation of Growing A New Economy left a profound mark on those attending. Barata also strongly recommended that the book be immediately translated into Portuguese.

In both cities participants came forward to help organize future conferences, study Prout’s policies more deeply, and arrange translations of the book.

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